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Tardajos, as a member of the Smart Tourist Destinations Network, becomes the first Burgos municipality to implement Chef's Voice in restaurants, increasing its competitiveness and reaffirming its commitment to tourism development and Universal Accessibility, applied in this case, to hospitality, culture and tourism.

Tardajos includes local restaurants, bars and cafeterias in this network, promoting the destination in 10 languages, and guaranteeing visitors a digital, sustainable, safe and accessible alternative for all.

Chef's Voice is a digital gastronomic menu that is easy to use and disseminate, which allows access to the entire gastronomic offer through any mobile device. It is not necessary to download any application or advertising, by scanning the QR Code or clicking on its link, the client will be able to choose between several languages to read or listen to all the available information: restaurant menu, wine list, menu or suggestion of the day , means of payment, allergens etc.

This tool is intended to facilitate access to information to many more people by offering a quality service with greater security that improves the user experience.

Tardajos is a town of 800 inhabitants whose history dates back to the Iron Age, when the Indo-European people of the Turmogos, around the 8th century BC. C, settles in these lands founding the city of Deobrígula "City of the Gods". Later, around the 1st century AD, the Romans settled in the area, romanizing the castro and thus the eighth city was formed on the road from Astorga to Bordeaux, where the site recognized since 1994 as an Asset of Cultural Interest is located today. Deobrígula”. Tardajos has had the privilege of being named both in Ptolemy's Geography (2nd century AD) and in Antonino's Itinerary (3rd century AD) as "mansio" , which was an official stop on a Roman road, maintained by the central government for the use of officials and businessmen throughout their travels throughout the Empire, a fact that demonstrates the experience in hosting travelers over many centuries.

Tardajos is crossed by the French Camino de Santiago and for centuries it has received and receives thousands of pilgrims of all nationalities on its Jacobean route. The 74 km Aquitania route also begins in Tardajos, offering an alternative to the Camino de Santiago, which runs along the old Roman road that goes from Tardajos to Carrión de los Condes in Palencia, where it rejoins the Camino de Santiago Francés.

Tardajos is located 12 km. from Burgos capital, in the very heart of the province, with excellent road communication, which makes it an ideal strategic location for those visitors who want to enjoy our province staying and resting in a rural environment that takes care of universal accessibility.

map of the location of Tardajos in Burgos

map of roads that pass through Tardajos

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