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One of the most beautiful and well-known spaces in Madrid, where the old and the modern come together. Surrounded by four monumental buildings from the 19th and 20th centuries: the Linares Palace, the Cibeles Palace, headquarters of the Madrid City Council, the Bank of Spain, and the Buenavista Palace. The Cibeles Fountain, symbol of the city, presides over the square. Together with the Apollo and Neptune fountains, it was part of the decoration of the Paseo del Prado designed by Carlos III in the 18th century. As a curiosity, the square is a meeting place for the celebration of the Real Madrid titles. Plaza de Cibeles.

Photo of the fountain, which represents the goddess Cibeles on a chariot pulled by lions. Behind the fountain, in the background, you can see the Palacio de Cibeles.

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